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Give Hope, Collect Joy

Hope is not about your desires, it is about your awareness and acting on the behalf of the suffering of others. For hope is the eternal sister of the divine heart.

Hope ends suffering, and the joy it can bring reminds us of our power. Hope is an energy that transforms, but for eons, hope has been misunderstood. The hope for yourself and your own desires is what is misunderstood. In truth, when you give hope then in return you dissolve your own suffering. This is when you can be your most honorable self. What is hope? It is the lifting up of someone else who has fallen. It is believing the best in others and seeing that reflected upon your own character.

Do Not Collect

Collecting things burdens the soul, it does not serve you when we realize that sufficiency is in the giving of one’s self. People tend to take and give nothing. We become awake when THINGS are no longer important because THINGS do not truly feed the soul.