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Self Love is Crucial

Self-love is a crucial element in the evolution of your soul.

Relationship with self is your most important relationship, what you commit to will change your life. What you intend and place your intention on will become your reality. Write down 3 things that you will act on right away. Self-love is understanding that I am love. This is a permanent power; it cannot be diminished or taken away.

Self-love is checking in daily and asking, what do I need to do for myself today?

Unless you love yourself first it is impossible to love another without reason.

Authentic love cannot be given to another unless you love yourself first.

Seven Steps to Self Love

  1. Recognizing who you are divinity in physical form
  2. You are a non-separate being
  3. You are innocent
  4. Falling in love with who you are
  5. You are free
  6. Your spiritual brilliance
  7. Embracing your authentic self

Understanding Your Seven Selves

  1. Self-love – You are love
  2. Self-value – Who are you and what do you have to offer?
  3. Self-Care – Health
  4. Self-Nurture – Clear emotional value
  5. Self-Importance – What I have to offer
  6. Self-empowerment – Keeping your power
  7. Self-Acceptance – being okay with you


Untruth – I was separate from my desire, which was a desire for intimate love. Therefore, the desire for intimate love is in me and I am not separate from it. When I become aware that I am a non-separate being all things will be added, this is the truth of the spirit.

Now that you are aware that self-love is the basic need of self in order to grow, change and expand into harmony.

What comes up for you? List 5 things that you need to change and reflect.

Final Thoughts

  • If wellbeing is a form of self-love what can I do right now to start showing myself that I am important? Example: Setting clear boundaries within myself and saying no to activities that are not important.
  • What actions can I take to show self-love?

“There is only divine order the only disorder is your mind getting in the way of the truth.”